Omega Consulting is a human resources consultation firm who bring a huge amount of experience, enthusiasm and fresh ideas to the table. Not only are we looking to provide businesses with a solid plan for execution in terms of everything from staff recruitment to agreeing extensions and salary scales but we help companies to freshen up their approach and modernise their employment.

This helps businesses move forward and into the next chapter of their operational policy. This can be extremely powerful for a business, and we help businesses take their next steps and help them prepare to scale. Whether you are a small skeleton firm or you are growing with new employees joining every week, we can help you start to put the right plans in place to make sure that you are able to grow organically and without any confusion or misinterpretation along the way.


Our Values

At Omega Consulting, we maintain a strong passion and value for old-school company values that can be used to make the most of the business around us.

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Our Mission

It is our goal to provide innovative human resource services and solutions creating efficiency and productivity within your business.

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Our Vision

Omega Human Resources will be the areas leading human resource service provider delivering excellent human resource service and consultation.

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About Omega Consulting

We help businesses see beyond this theory and make sure that businesses are able to expand for the future, being able to find a reliable and actionable HR consultation firm who can step in when required.

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